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Ludlam Elementary School is located in the heart of South Miami, Florida. The school was built in 1958 and named after Walter H. Ludlam, pioneer settler during the early days of the development of Miami. Mr. Ludlam was instrumental in the construction of Ludlam Road, which is the street adjacent to our school.

The school belongs to the South Miami Feeder Pattern and the mascot is a dolphin.

The school’s slogan is “We Can’t Hide That Dolphin Pride.” Ludlam Elementary School provides educational services to students in Pre-kindergarten through grade five.

The school serves approximately 375 students. We are a mandatory uniform school in which the colors are yellow and light blue shirts and navy pants/shorts/skorts.

The ethnic make-up of the student population is approximately 60% Hispanic, 16% White, Non-Hispanic, 17% African-American and 7% Asian/Indian or Multiracial. We are committed to providing education excellence for all.

We are proud to work collaboratively with parents and the community to prepare students to be responsible, productive members of society.


Walter H. Ludlam Family

Walter H. Ludlam
Walter Ludlam was a pioneer settler during the early days of Miami’s development.  He was instrumental in leading his community to petition the construction of Ludlam Road.  His influence in our city is evident through a church, post office branch, and Ludlam Elementary School that bear his name.  His pioneering spirit and strong sense of family are qualities we should all strive to emulate.


Ludlam Elementary aims to provide a quality education where all students will reach their full potential within a caring, secure environment.


To provide all students with an excellent instructional program in which their individual needs are met by qualified teachers who utilize effective teaching practices in order for every student to be prepared to compete in a global society.







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