Beyond the bell

Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is proud to announce the Superintendent’s new initiative Beyond the Bell. This initiative provides grade-level, appropriate technology software programs supporting reading, mathematics and science. Beyond the Bell is designed to be used to supplement and/or enrich student learning beyond the school day. The content focus of these programs is aligned to the District curriculum plan and is modified each nine weeks.

Access to your child’s specific learning path(s) is available via the web in the M-DCPS Student Portal at Once your child has logged into the portal, an individualized learning path is linked to grade-level, appropriate software programs. All curriculum paths were designed to target instruction based on FCAT performance and aligned to District curriculum.

The following programs are available:

Name Grade Level(s) Content
Compass Learning 6-8 Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies
Gizmos 4-11 Mathematics and Science
Reading Plus 6-12 Reading
Riverdeep 3-11 Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics and Science
Ticket To Read 3-5 Reading

This supplemental program will not be graded nor will it be assigned for homework. The purpose of Beyond the Bell is to permit students and parents to work together using engaging learning activities.

We encourage you to participate with your child to support their learning Beyond the Bell. Recognizing that all students may not have access to computers with internet connectivity, you are encouraged to visit public libraries and community centers, which may provide internet access free of charge.
Learning using technology can be fun, enriching, and engaging.

We invite you to spend time exploring this wonderful resource!

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