SCHOOL Programs

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Digital Leader Network School

Digital Leader Network (DLN), is a collaborative partnership between Discovery Education and Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS).  The DLN program is designed to ignite a
culture of student-led inquiry through digital learning and authentic creation of relevant, rigorous, and real-world experiences in the classroom. There are approximately 40 schools that have participated in the DLN.


iBot School

The launch of “iBot” facilitates a commitment to expand coding/robotics programming in elementary schools. There are 35 elementary schools participating in the iBot initiative.


Frost School of Music String Outreach Program

Frost School of Music String Outreach Program is a collaborative partnership between Ludlam Elementary and the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. The purpose of this program is to create elementary string programs in Miami-Dade County, and to positively contribute to the academic and cultural aspects of the schools they serve.


Infinity (Gifted Program)

Infinity (Gifted Program) Ludlam Elementary School’s Infinity Program nurtures academically gifted students through a full-time, self-contained program which provides for the maximum development of each student’s academic talents as demonstrated by a need for differentiated academic services. The Infinity Program strives to promote experiences that supplement and extend learning opportunities through differentiated pedagogy and the acquisition of enhanced thinking and problem-solving skills. Further, in an effort to promote the acceleration and enrichment of gifted students the use of investigative and shared inquiry skills are implemented throughout the curriculum.


The Red Ribbon Certified School

The Red Ribbon Certified Schools Program is based on prevention science, creates a culture of prevention designed to enhance outcomes for youth, change student substance use and abuse attitudes, and impact awareness of issues and trends. To date, only 78 schools nationwide have received Red Ribbon Certification.

Extracurricular Activities

Ludlam Elementary students may choose to enroll in onsite art, drama, Kung Fu, soccer, and strings programs.



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