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reading plus

Our school is using Reading Plus to help students become better readers. The Reading Plus system uses the computer as a teaching tool. The system inclues a number of programs to improve reading skills. As your child works in Reading Plus, he or she will begin to read faster and understand more of what is being read. The Reading Plus system meets each student's needs, so your child will always get the right instruction to improve reading. Your child also will enjoy interesting stories while developing the reading skills needed to succeed in upper grades and beyone.

Your child can use the Reading Plus system on your home computer. Each session lasts 30-45 minutes. Follow these easy steps to log in to Reading Plus.

How to log in at

Step 1: Lot in to
Step 2: Click on Student Portal
Step 3: Enter Log In Information:

User: Student ID
Password: Birthdate + PW (MMYYYYPW)

Step 5: Click on Reading Plus

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