Student services

The Ludlam Elementary School Student Services Team consists of a full-time guidance counselor, a part-time social worker and a school psychologist. These professionals work closely with students, parents, community agencies and school personnel to ensure that every student is provided the opportunity to maximize his or her social, emotional and intellectual abilities. The Student Services Team help students to feel at ease with teachers and the school environment. Individual and group counseling sessions are conducted to address students’ social and emotional needs. Conflict resolution training is provided to students. Teachers work diligently to prevent bullying and violence in the school and community. The Student Services Team meets with parents, teachers and school administration to discuss student academic and behavioral needs and to determine if students need assistance outside of the traditional classroom setting. Occasionally, Student Services personnel will conduct home visits to meet with parents/guardians. Student Services Personnel welcome the opportunity to meet with parents, discuss concerns and assist students in any way possible.

Parents may contact the counselor at 305-667-5551 ext.123, and leave a voice mail message. Students may request help from the counselor through their teacher, parents, or by leaving a note for the counselor.

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