Uniform Policy


Dress and GroomingSchool Board Policy 5511
Students shall come to school clean and appropriately groomed and dressed. Students whose personal attire or grooming distracts the attention of other students or teachers from their school work shall be required to make necessary alterations before entering the classroom or be sent home by the Principal. Students who fail to meet the minimum acceptable standards of cleanliness and neatness as determined by the principal and as specified in this policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures including suspension.

Uniform Policy

Ludlam Elementary is a mandatory uniform school. All students are required to wear the school uniform. This uniform consists of: navy blue pants, knee-length shorts, skorts, or jumpers (primary); light blue and yellow knit polo style shirts with a collar; solid white socks; sneakers or closed-toe shoes with laces or velcro. Boots and blue jeans are not acceptable. All tops should have the Ludlam school patch or embroidery. School patches are available at the school store.

Outerwear worn by students at any time during the school year must be SOLID navy blue, with no brand/store names, brand/store logos, designs, or hoods. ALL students are required to comply with the outerwear uniform policy.

The preferred vendor for Ludlam Elementary School is Academia Couture, which provides a variety of options at www.academiacouture.com. Clothing may be purchased at any store, but must conform to the styles and provisions of the Uniform Policy. There will be school wide incentives and positive reinforcement measures to encourage full participation with the uniform policy. Parents are encouraged to support the school in this effort.

Parents or guardians may request an Application for Exemption from the uniform program which delineates the steps to be followed in the exemption procedure. The application must be completed and submitted to the principal. The principal will meet with the parents to discuss the uniform policy and the objections to the policy. The purposes of this meeting include: (1) ensuring that the parents understand the justification and goals of the uniform policy; (2) verifying the accuracy of the information on the application; and (3) preventing fraud or misrepresentation. Applications for exemptions will be accepted within the first 4 weeks of school. If the waiver request is granted, a Confirmation of Uniform Exemption letter will be sent to the parent.

Below is the Progressive Discipline plan for students who do not comply with the mandatory
uniform policy:

  • 1st time: Verbal Warning

  • 2nd time: Warning Notice

  • 3rd time: Phone call to parent/guardian

  • 4th time: Detention or other Board-approved in-school program

  • 5th time and thereafter: The student is ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activity for a period of time not to exceed 5 days and/or Parent Conference with an Administrator.




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